2 Officers from SAMFS visit TFES

11/10/2018 1:06 pm

Post: 11/10/2018 1:06 pm Updated: 11/10/2018 1:09 pm




Fire & Emergency Commissioner and the staffs of Tonga Fire & Emergency Services welcome Geoff Williams and Graig Ford from South Australia Metropolitan Fire Service (SAMFS). This visit is the first time for Graig Ford, they are here in the Kingdom to do some training with our Mechanic staffs and also test and check all our Fire Appliances all over the Kingdom. They will be here for 10 days and they had a chance to visit Fire Station at Outer Islands such as Vava'u, Ha'apai and 'Eua to do some work they doing now in Tongatapu. Hope they will have a great time here in the Kingdom.