End of Year General Meeting

19/12/2017 12:33 pm

Post: 19/12/2017 12:33 pm Updated: 19/12/2017 12:33 pm


End of Year TFES General Meeting

Members of Tonga Fire and Emergency Services (TFES) gathered today for the End of Year General Meeting for the calendar year ending 30 December 2017, conducted today, 19 December 2017, 0900 hours, at Fire Station 1, Nuku’alofa.

The meeting was held before Acting Commissioner of Fire and Emergency Services Sinamoni Kauvaka and attended by members of the Executive Committee as well as commissioned and non-commissioned TFES staff.

In the opening hymn and prayer, led by Acting DFEC (Operation) Mafi, the department gave thanks and recognition to the Heavenly Father for his guidance and strength throughout this calendar year. Fire Commander Va’enuku provided the welcoming speech.

In his address, Acting FEC Kauvaka thanked TFES staff for their hard work and achievements throughout this year. Additionally, he also stressed the continued significance of discipline at work and the importance of strengthening familial bonds.

The closing address was provided by Acting DFEC (Corporate) ‘Olie.