TFES - Article for Perfomance Management System (PMS)

18/12/2017 10:35 am

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Month of June 2017

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(1) #Who are we:

The Tonga Fire and Emergency Services (TFES) is the Government agency responsible for providing fire, rescue and emergency services for the citizens of Tonga. We have three stations in Tongatapu and one in each of the islands of Vava'u, Ha'apai and Eua. Our overriding purpose is to enhance community safety, quality of life, and confidence by minimising the impact of hazards and emergency incidents on the people, property, environment and the economy.

(2) #Genesis

Performance Management System (PMS) was an all-new area for the Tonga Fire and Emergency Services (TFES). Our first exposure to PMS was through a training that we were invited to attend near the end of 2016 but after the training we did not put much importance to the subject. It wasn't till the beginning of this year that we realize the importance of PMS. In the past five months we have committed to PMS and we have even incorporated it to our internal policy which is near completion and ready for implementation. With the diligent assistance of the PSC PMS Team we have undergone our first trial and was successful. We with the PSC PMS Team have conducted trainings in all three stations here and the outer islands and it has proven to be very effective. In less than a year we have transformed into a believer in the PMS system and today we have fully implemented the system.

(3) #The Journey

‪The staff of the Tonga Fire and Emergency Services (TFES) once recruited go through a two years intensive training where our core values are introduced and lived by each recruit. These core values include integrity, professionalism, service and consideration. When the PMS system was first introduced there was obvious reluctant from staff but because of the core values induced in them they were committed to see it through. The commitment of the Commissioner, the two Deputies, executive officers and all senior officers were the only added encouragement that the 103 fire fighters needed.

(4) #Achievements

Job Descriptions: In an environment where our tasks are performed in groups at most times we did not feel the need of a job description but with the PMS system we have now acknowledge the significance of a job description to the performance of each individual fire fighter. Each one is now aware what their job description is and where they need to improve and acknowledge where their strengths are at.

(5) #Pledge

The Tonga Fire and Emergency Services (TFES) has committed to the full implementation of the Performance Management System (PMS) pursuant to our work policy - Standing Orders, chapter 21, section 286 – 297.