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Corporate Services Department

TFES oversees Corporate Services through its Staff & Organizational Development Division, specifically the Corporate Services Department. Since 2020, Fire Commander Mafile’o has led the Corporate Services Department (CSD). 

The primary duties of this department include: 

  • Human Resources Management
  • Assets and Facilities Management
  • Policy and Planning Unit
  • Finance and Management Unit
  • Transport Maintenance Unit
  • Information Communication and Technology 
  • Office of the Commissioner 

The objective of this program is to guarantee the efficient administration of TFES Departments and enhance the professionalism and effectiveness of the department's technical units. The Corporate Services Department is currently working on reviewing the Service's legislation, implementing its first series of regulations, revising the Standing Orders, approving its Strategic Plan, and ensuring its effective implementation. These efforts will bring about a new structure for the Service and mark the beginning of its modernization.

Corporate Services Department: 

  • Fire Commander Lynette Mafile’o (Officer Commanding, Corporate Services Department)
  • Assistant Fire Commander Vika ‘Unga (Officer in Charge, Human Resources Management), 
  • Assistant Fire Commander Kalolaine Puloka (Officer in Charge, Policy and Planning Unit)
  • Assistant Fire Commander Kasanita Suluka (Officer in Charge, Finance Management Unit) 
  • Assistant Fire Commander Haloti Schaumkel (Officer in Charge, Information Communication and Technology) 
  • Assistant Fire Commander Haileni Vaka (Officer in Charge, Assets and Facilities Management) 
  • Fire Officer Lisimoa Faka’i (Officer in Charge, Transport Maintenace Unit) 
  • Fire Officer Petiola Vaipulu (Executive Secretary to the Commissioner) 
  • Fire Officer Faaoso Tausisi (Second in Charge, Human Resources Management) 
  • Leading Fire Fighter Setaleki Fine (Second in Charge, Assets and Facilities Management)
  • Leading Fire Fighter Silivenusi Lavulavu
  • Leading Fire Fighter Falakiko Tatola (Administrative Support Staff) 
  • Fire Fighter Lisiate ‘Ahoafi
  • Fire Fighter Seini Lavemai
  • Fire Fighter Penaia Tu’ipulotu
  • Fire Fighter Ínoke Lolo              

For more information, contact us on 7401054