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Community Safety Department

It is the duty of Community Safety Services to offer fire prevention and mitigation services. This initiative raises awareness about fire safety through educational programs and radio broadcasts. It is also in charge of carrying out Fire Safety Requirements by approving building plans and conducting inspections of new buildings.

The Department has a three established Units in order to effectively and efficiently deliver its main objectives: 

  • Public Awareness Unit: Objective is to conduct educational programs, carry out public notifications/engagements and program developments. 
  • Safety and Prevention Unit: Objective is to conduct fire safety inspections, stakeholder trainings, fire safety assessments, fire safety risk assessments for Business Licences and Prevention Strategy Standards Development. 
  • Investigation Services Unit: Objective is to conduct fire investigation services. 

The Department is currently commanded by Fire Commander Tapueluelu and assisted by the following officers who are the heads of their three (03) units. 

Community and Safety Department:

  • Fire Commander Semisi Tapueluelu (Officer Commanding, Community and Safety Department)
  • Assistant Fire Commander Paula Tu’itupou (Officer in Charge, Public Awareness Unit) 
  • Assistant Fire Commander Lavinia Kauvaka (Officer in Charge, Safety and Prevention Unit)
  • Fire Officer Sydney Vea (Officer in Charge, Investigation Services Unit)
  • Senior Fire Fighter Senituli Langi (Second in Charge, Investigation Services Unit) 
  • Senior Fire Fighter Pealehai Fatafehi 
  • Senior Fire Fighter 'Ofisi Tu’ungafasi (Second in Charge, Safety and Prevention Unit)
  • Principal Fire Fighter Meleane Kavakava (Second in Charge, Public Awareness Unit)
  • Leading Fire Fighter Allan Vaomotou 
  • Fire Fighter Langilili Taufa
  • Fire Fighter Semisi ‘Ohuafi
  • Fire Fighter Viliami Liutai 

For more information, contact us on 7401076