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Our Organisation

Since the Services was established in 1978 - the Service has come a long way in terms of development and recognition.

The Tonga Fire & Emergency Services (TFES) is an impressive public body, deserving much credit for its performance to date and its devotion to duty. It’s professionalism despite resource limitations is beyond apprehension for it gives a high quality service to the community. The public also places a high value on the Service. 


With the underlying principle of the protection of life and property from fires here in the Kingdom of Tonga, the Services aims to maintain well trained staff through all full time brigades in Tongatapu, Vava’u, Ha’apai and ‘Eua. There are preliminary plans to establish Fire Stations at both Niuafo’ou and Niuatoputapu Islands.

Like many departments here in the Kingdom of Tonga, TFES strides to modernise all of its structures and processes to ensure that key objectives are met and maintained in accordance with the times.

The five key areas of the Services encompass all sectors and services that the Services provide. Despite the limitations in resources and scarce funding, the Services will continue to be reckoned with and uphold the values of the Government and Kingdom of Tonga.