Training & Development Division

The Training and Development Division (TDD) was established to provide safe and effective training to all Firefighters at the Services. Training is delivered at the Central Fire Station and can also take place in the outer stations.

TDD strides to maintain expand and ensure that all Firefighters possess the appropriate operational competencies for the firefighting tasks that lay ahead.

Here are some of the key objectives:

To develop and implement training programed based on a need analysis and risk assessment;IMG_7949_0.JPG

  • To develop appropriate training management systems;
  • To develop and implement specialist training in advanced competencies;
  • To provide a fostered learning environment for officers;
  • To have competent and productive leadership, management and Officers who are committed to our Mission;
  • Improvement of work related skills, knowledge and professional competencies of Operational, Training, Fire Safety and Administrative personnel; and
  • To ensure, that all firefighters maintain, expand and ensure they possess the appropriate operational competencies for the tasks they do and the risks they face.

You can contact us +676 7401059